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Saxystæsj is now a trademark!

28.01.2020 \\ Saxystæsj

Saxystæsj is now a registered trademark in Norway! This means the name "Saxystæsj" belongs to Lenasten for the next 10 years. It's Lena's first ever trademark.

New product: Saxystæsj

11.01.2020 \\ Saxystæsj

Just before Christmas, I designed and sewed together a prototype of Saxystæsj to a saxophone playing friend, Marte. She and other saxophone players asked if I could help them sew something they could have all of their saxophone stuff in - something that could be on the chair during concerts.

"Sure," I said. "I can do that!"

That's how the Saxystæsj was born. Inspired by remote control holders for the couch, I developed a 15 cm * 100 cm piece of cloth with two pockets on each side. Marte, the saxophone player, tried it out during a Christmas concert and was very satisfied. So satisfied that several of her saxophone playing friends wanted to order more!

The whole saxophone group, and som brass players, in Levanger Big band now have Saxystæsj and the feedback is outstanding. Several of the musicians approached after the rehersal and expressed a need for a wider pocket to fit their cellphones in their thicker cases.

"Sure," I said. "I'll fix it!"

Several seams were opened and sewn back and suddenly the Saxystæsj could fit the cellphones of most people: the kind that's stuffed with credit cards and membercards and bills and whatnots.

The price is 450,- NOK per piece. Postage will be added.

Most of the materials are bought at Galleri Nåløyet in Levanger, so you are definitely supporting local entrepreneurs!

Read more and order here!

My first paid sewing job

13.12.2019 \\ Media

When my accounting program,, posted on their Facebook-page that they were looking for clients who produces items they can give as christmas presents to their employees, I contacted them and offered to sew 30 buffs. The order arrived on a Friday and were sent the following Monday, along with a greeting card.

It's fun to sew when they are so pleased!

Lena is in the newspaper again!

24.11.2019 \\ Media

Because Korpsrekruttene had another gathering in November, Marte Løvli wrote a small article for the local newspaper, Innherred. This was published in the printed newspaper on November 23rd 2019, which happens to be Lena's birthday as well. The article has so far not been published online.

The article is about what Korpsrekruttene is and other projects that are supported by Korpsforum Levanger.

Korpsrekruttene can also be followed on facebook: 

Welcome to concert!

01.11.2019 \\ Concert

Lena plays the trumpet in Levanger Bigband, which invites you to a performance in cooparation with Levanger Chamber choir. An awesome experience awaits both the performers and the audience!

The bigband and the choir have been rehearsing day in and day out during the last week, and have their final dress rehersal Friday 1st of November. The premiere on 2nd of November is already sold out! There are a few tickets left for 8th and 9th of November, so hurry up! Run down to Festiviten in Levanger or click here to make sure you have tickets for one of the more spectakular performances in Levanger this autumn.

Substituting for Steinkjer Kulturskole

01.11.2019 \\ Substituting

Every now and then, Lena is called in as a substitute teacher for Steinkjer Kulturskole (Steinkjer Cultural School), as a brass instructor. If the students are lucky, they can experience the note system Lena made this summer. It is a tactile approach to learning the various names and positions of the notes, where the students can feel the ropes / lines under their feet and it might help them remember which note is where. The two loose pieces of rope are for the notes who require extra lines. As this system lacks a clef, it can be used for all instruments. 20 students have, up until now, tried this system and both students and parents give mostly positive feedback on using it.

The depicted note system is a prototype which will eventually be adapted regarding anchors to the floor, precise spacing, etc.

Lenasten is in the newspaper!

29.09.2019 (Updated 14.10.2019) \\ Media

Trønder-Avisa 30.sept

I received a call from Trønder-Avisa, the local newspaper, on Thursday 26th September. They had listed my new company in their paper and wanted to hear more about it. A quick interview over the phone and a visit from a skilled photographer resulted in an article about me and my company. You can read more about it in Trønder-Avisa tomorrow, 30th September.

[Update 14.10.2019: Here is the article: Trønder-Avisa ]

Finally an organisation number!

19.09.2019 \\ ENK

The single person company Lenasten is now a reality.

The organisation number is: 923 431 586

Contact me for a nice talk about projects and jobs!

New job:
Jubilee event

12.09.2019 (Updated 17.09.2019) \\ Oppdrag

The organisation "Vennskapssambandet Norge - Vest Balkan" celebrates 50 years, and I was hired to play fanfare on two occations:

  • Memorial at Gunnar Karlgaard's grave, the founder of the organisation, at Levanger Cemetery. 
  • Memorial at the stone tablet in Falstadskogen.

Read more about the event at Gunnar Karlgaard's grave: Innherred 13.09.2019.

Read more about the memorial in Falstadskogen here: Innherred 14.09.2019.

Read more about Gunnar Karlgaard here: Innherred 17.10.2017.

Read more about Vennskapssambandet Norge - Vest Balkan here:

Read more about Falstadsenteret here:

Welcome to Korpsrekruttene

11.09.2019 \\ Prosjekt

Lena welcomes you to a new gathering with Korpsrekruttene Saturday 14th September at 10-14 at Åsen school.

This is a free offer for the youngest musicians in Levanger commune's school wind orchestras, who have played for 1-2 years.

Read more under Projects.