Music lessons


A music lesson with Lena is often one-on-one or in small groups. The musician is able to show what they can, receive adapted training, adapted materials and is met with a plethora of different teaching methods.

The goal is to let the musician learn through exploration, games and achievable goals.

An ensemble lesson with Lena starts with an easy warm up where all the musicians play together. Then we practice known and unknown materials. Often, the musicians need to put away their sheet music and instrument and join me on the floor to learn the music with their bodies, practise having a common pulse or just break the mood with something completely different. The lesson always ends with a song the entire group knows.

Lena is familiar with the Scandinavian book series "Suzuki Trumpet School - volume 1", "Midt i Blinken", "Spill!", "Startklart!" and "Blåstoget", which are adapted to wind instrument beginners. A single music lesson of 30 minutes, consists of a mixture of these books and rhythm exercises as well as whatever the musician is playing in their band groups.

Lena's teaching principles are to create inner motivation through playful teaching, joy of music, suitable adaptions and having a great time.

Lena is great at spontaneously adapting and has an impressive patience with children of all versions. She communicates in a clear and cheerful way, which creates security and friendship.



The one-on-one teaching normally has a 30 minute time frame. We start the lesson by warming up and learning about how the instrument and body can work together to create sounds. I constantly adapt to the musician to ensure they have a great experience with me as their music teacher.

We can vary the lesson by sitting still, standing or even walking back and forth while playing. Twirling, dancing the music, singing/clapping the rhythm - there are endless ways to learn with their entire body! Additionally, the musician may receive simple notational tasks such as a music puzzle or crossword.

Eventually, the musician will have a solid foundation within musical theory, simple listening skills, understanding music, being conscious of how the body dictates the sound, reading rhythms and much more.



"You should have the score in your head, not your head in the score."

- Michael Antrobus, my own translation

When I conduct, I communicate with the musicians in a way that they know what I expect from them. Warm up consists of half and whole scales with different rhythms, where I often play with the musicians and count the scale steps with the available hand. Through my education and experience, I have a vast knowledge of the instruments which eases the adaptions and teaching for all instruments.

Joy of playing and motivation is at the centre of my teachings, and the goal is that the musicians walk home with a good feeling and motivated for more. Varied teaching methods within rhythm, melody, musicing and marching creates eager musicians.


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